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Jennifer Green was an amazing Christian, mother, wife, daughter, sister, and friend. Anyone who ever met her loved her. She was never without a smile on her face. She loved children and they loved her. Besides her faith and her family, she had two other passions....running and children with special needs.  Jennifer died suddenly January 15, 2012. It was devastating to everyone who knew her.  She left behind a husband, 4 wonderful children, family, and friends that adored her.


After Jennifer's funeral her two best friends, Bethany Drake and Allison Green, along with Jennifer's sister, Elizabeth Gregory, wanted a way to remember Jennifer.  What better way to remember Jennifer than a 5K and the proceeds benefit people with special needs. 


Through this tragedy, we formed the Jennifer Green Foundation to provide additional resources for the children of the Robertson County, TN special education programs.



We have had many questions about our logo, so let us explain.


The main heart represents Jennifer and all of her love.  The heart bares a cross to represent Jennifer's devout Christianity. Finally, the smaller heart in the middle represents children and we placed it over her heart, because that is where they always were. 

Cross Heart_logo (2).jpg
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